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Answer: Computer illiterate person can visit nearest MKCL center for getting assistance related to acquiring services in ‘Mahalabharthi’. They will promptly provide services from Monday-Saturday: 09.30 AM – 05.30 PM (except 2nd and 4th Saturday).

Answer: Services on ‘Mahalabharthi’ portal are free of cost. You can complete the entire online process by yourself. If you are not computer literate, you can take the service from computer trained individuals. Trainer will give you his / her valuable time and expend on computer and internet on your behalf. You can pay a maximum of ₹ 70 / - for that. The person is expected to register citizens, fill their entire information on the web portal and provide a print out having brief information obtained from the filled information. You can pay the service fee to him / her when you take the service. In addition, if you want other print outs, such as government resolutions (GRs), sample application form, etc., you can give ₹ 1 /- to ₹ 5 /- per copy to that person.

Answer: No, you can not change the information furnished at the time of registration. Therefore, you must enter your information very carefully while registering on ‘Mahalabharthi’ portal. However, few fields can be updated after login.

Answer: Fill your information in following sections on ‘Mahalabharthi’ portal:
1.Personal Profile
2.Social Profile
3.Contact Profile
4. Permanent Residential Address Profile
5. Current Residential Address Profile
6. Health and Physique Profile
7. Other Identities Profile
8. Family Profile
9. Bank Account Profile
10. Awards Profile
11. Housing Profile
12. Insurances Profile
13. Employment Profile
14. Agricultural Profile
15. Livestock Profile
16. Bank Loan Profile
Your likely eligibility for various schemes can be quickly verified with your complete and accurate information on the web portal. You will be informed about new and existing schemes / benefits you are likely eligible for, based on the information furnished by you. You can enjoy benefits as early as you can because you get your likely eligibility about various schemes in time on ‘Mahalabharthi’ portal.

Answer: You will get detailed information about schemes for which you are likely eligible. The information includes the following:
1. Schemes that you are likely eligible for
2. Benefits under those Scheme/s
3. Documents required to avail benefit/s under Scheme
4. Contact details of authority for application
5. Government Resolution (GR) related to Scheme ,if any
6. Application form specimen, if any
7. A print out consisting of list of likely eligible Schemes with its Benefits, Required Documents and Contact Details of concerned authority.
The main significance of this print out is that, it consists a letter by Hon'ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra addressing to citizens. Citizens can attach this letter with scheme application and submit it to concerned department. The letter has given a reference number which will help in tracking the status of scheme application from respective department.
8 .Facility to apply for likely eligible schemes: “Mahalabharthi” portal will automatically fill in fields/entries in the application form, based on the information citizen has already provided. If certain information is not available in the database of the portal, citizens can fill in such additional information in the online application form themselves. Citizen can also upload the required documents on the portal. Application form then will be forwarded to the concerned authority/department. This will speed up the process to avail the benefits of the scheme for a citizen. Application forms for a few selected schemes are made available on the portal on pilot basis. If a scheme requires an application form to be filled in on the independent portal of the concerned department, citizen will be redirected to that portal after clicking on ‘Apply’ button.

1. Based on the information given by citizens in their 'MahaLabharthi' login, only the likely eligibility of citizens for schemes will be checked. The final eligibility of citizens for schemes will be decided by the respective Government Departments.

2. Without giving any prior notice, the scheme may be closed due to insufficient funds or other reasons, their eligibility criteria, details, etc. may change from time to time, MKCL will not be responsible for such changes. However, MKCL will be constantly alert and eager about how these changes will be updated on the portal from time to time.

3. The sources of information on this web portal are websites of various Government Departments of Government of Maharashtra and Central Government and Government Resolutions (GRs) taken from time to time. Currently, only information about Schemes is available on this portal. This portal is not related or rendered in connection with any of the services which are related to the Right to Service Act. Citizens can visit the 'Aaple Sarkar' website of Government of Maharashtra for various services under the Right to Service Act.

4. No citizen can assume that the Schemes mentioned on the final printout should be received or can not be claimed as eligible. The objective behind giving a personalized letter by the Hon'ble Chief Minister in this print-out is to provide support/help to the citizens from the respective government officials. Citizens will not be able to insist on the basis of the letter that the respective government official should give benefit of the scheme.

5. If the citizen seeks help from a computer literate facilitator, to find the eligibility for the schemes on the 'MahaLabharthi' portal, the facilitators can ask for a computer service fee. For this reliable work, a facilitator is spending on an average 30 minutes of valuable time, computer and internet, so citizens can pay a maximum of Rs.70/- to the such facilitator. In this amount, facilitator has to provide complete service of citizen registration and final print-out. In addition to this, if citizen want to take print-out of prescribed application form, prints of Government Resolution (GR), then facilitator can charge Rs.1/- to Rs.5/- per print.

6. While availing the service through the facilitator, citizen must take back the filled information form at the time of returning home, because the personal information of the citizens is written on the form. No one is liable for the misuse of information mentioned on the application form.

Answer: It is not mandatory for a citizen to fill in all the information on citizen application form. But if citizen has already filled in all the information, “MahaLabharthi” portal asks citizen to fill in information as per the requirement of concerned likely eligible scheme only. In such case, it will be easier for a facilitator (“MahaLabharthi Prerak”) to fill in citizen’s information in minimum possible time and thereby saving valuable time of citizens. Thus, it is recommended to fill in all the information in the citizen form and keep a copy of the same handy when you apply for the scheme.

Answer: “MahaLabharthi” portal verifies your likely eligibility for a scheme. To determine whether you are eligible for a scheme and its benefits is the sole responsibility of concerned government department. Citizen can apply for a scheme and upload the required documents for the scheme using “MahaLabharthi” portal. This will speed up the process of availing the benefits of schemes from the concerned government department

Answer: 'MahaLabharthi-Prerak' is a computer-literate person who will help people who don't know how to use computer or smartphone. Anyone who knows how to use computer or smartphone can become a 'Prerak' and help others. There is a separate button to login for 'Prerak' on 'MahaLabharthi'

Answer: An aspiring citizen will register himself/herself as 'MahaLabharthi-Prerak'. on 'MahaLabharthi'. For this purpose, there's a separate button 'Prerak-login' on the homepage of 'MahaLabharthi'.. 'MahaLabharthi-Prerak' will login using his Prerak credentials and fill in the required details on behalf of the citizen. After completing the entire process, Prerak will provide the citizen a letter with the signature of Hon. Chief Minister, Maharashtra State. This letter will have list of schemes the citizen is likely eligible for.. 'Prerak' will also provide GRs and sample application form whenever necessary.

Answer: 'Prerak' will visit citizens at such places and fill in the details on the citizen form (available on the homepage of MahaLabharthi) for each citizen. S/he will also note down the roles and needs of the citizen. Subsequently, 'Prerak' will fill in the details on MahaLabharthi at a place with good internet connectivity.. 'Prerak' need not fill in all the details but, s/he will ensure that details are filled in as per the needs of those citizens. To register a citizen on MahaLabharthi, 'Prerak' will use his/her Prerak credentials to log in. 'Prerak' won't be asked OTP (one time password) during first session thereby making it easy for 'Prerak' to register a citizen and fill in the details of the citizens. Therefore, 'Prerak' should fill in the details of citizen in the first session itself. Because, if 'Prerak' couldn't fill in the details in the first session, s/he will require to type in the OTP to edit the profile of the citizen.

Answer: 'MahaLabharthi-Prerak' plays a crucial role in MahaLabharthi. As a 'Prerak', you will help to inform citizens about their likely eligible schemes and provide them a print-out of the letter with a signature of Hon. CM, Maharashtra state. People who can not operate computer or smartphone will seek your help. As a responsible citizen of the society, you are going to feel much satisfied being a part of this initiative. This is also an opportunity for you to earn a little extra money at the same time, as you can charge each concerned citizen upto Rs.70 for your services. Your services will include - registering citizens on MahaLabharthi ,fill in their details and provide them a print-out of a letter signed by Hon. CM, Maharashtra state. If the citizen demands sample application form or GR for a scheme, you can charge them for the same ( Re 1 to max Rs. 5). Details about the schemes and their eligibility criteria are often updated on MahaLabharthi. Thus, citizen are going to need you help frequently and you can charge them upto Rs.70 for your services. Prerak will be able to see how many citizens has been registered by them on MahaLabharthi so far and how many of those citizens have availed the letter by Hon. CM, Maharashtra state